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With ever-changing market conditions, ultimate flexibility for any company is vital. Imbju aspires to be the most efficient partner for delivering sustainable results in sales and marketing while seamlessly and long-term integrating into an existing business.

Let’s Realize Your Vision.

Imbju’s mission is to use the synergy of convincing sales and marketing services to support its partners in building a profitable business worldwide. From a single source, coordinated and targeted.

Personal References

published on LinkedIn

Christian is one of the most polished sales and marketing professionals I had the pleasure to work with in my career. He is detailed, focused and a good people manager. I would recommend him highly to any organization in need of an experienced executive able to take it to the next level of success.

Wir arbeiten seit vier Jahren mit Christian Sommerhoff zusammen und können seine Kompetenz in den Bereichen Vertrieb und Marketing uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

Christian is a true sales management professional who builds strong teams, delivers his business, and manages his customers well both in good times and when things are tough. He has excellent experience managing international businesses and, in the case of SanDisk, was a strong representative for the company to our customers and a great advocate for his customers back to corporate headquarters.

Christian and I have collaborated on many sales projects in the past. His drive, work ethic and attention to detail drove many of the successes that GN Netcom was responsible for. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future in any capacity. He is one of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

I had the pleasure of working with Christian in my role as Senior Counsel for EMEA Legal matters at SanDisk. Christian is an experienced sales manager with deep knowledge of the EMEA commercial business channel for technology products. He is extremely good at coordinating with other functions of the business in order to better achieve corporate goals. Very dedicated and well organized team leader, Christian has excellent people skills that make him a great person to work with.

Christian is an entrepreneurial manager, who has a special strength in building up new businesses and make them running smoothly. He has a profound practical experience in all aspects of sales and marketing , cultural experience in EMEA incl. East Europe, US and Latin America. He has been working in different industries and is flexible and fast in his adaptation to new challenges.

I had the opportunity to work for Christian during his transition from GN Netcom’s European operations to the Americas. This was a great time to see him in action during what must have been a tremendous challenge – helping his family adapt along with professional requirements. Christian has a terrific mind for seeing the „global“ picture in an organization and with quickly understanding how operations interrelate. He is skilled at identifying the problem, creating a solution, and working hard gain management consensus to move forward and improve. I enjoyed my time with Christian and appreciate the new perspective he brought to me on work and family, and would not hesitate to recommend him for a position with any company.

Christian is a charismatic and savvy executive whom I had the pleasure of working with. He is very astute with a sharp business acumen and a dedication to building mutually beneficial, long term relationships. His global industry knowledge, enthusiasm and sparkling personality are key traits he employs to create champions and evangelists in any organization which are fundamental to growing the business.

What Imbju Does For You.

Are you planning to start or increase sales at home or abroad? Working with Christian Sommerhoff is a crucial decision. From preparing your strategy and sales goals to implementation, Imbju supports you every step of the way, regardless of the industry. Marketing of sophisticated products and solutions, as well as change management, are Christian Sommerhoff’s areas of expertise. The ability to plan long-term in marketing and sales and yet act flexibly is a real competitive advantage. Imbju continually adapts to the changing requirements of your company. By joining forces with Imbju, you are in charge of customizing your ideal experience. Working hours and all other activities are tailored to your specific business requirements. Collaboration tools support continuous coordination and implementation. Instead of tying up capital through fixed personnel costs, you can adapt your investment and agreed on execution according to your current requirements. At the same time, you gain access to a wide range of interdisciplinary skills.

More Results. Faster.

A powerful network and strong expertise in the areas of sales, marketing and recruitment make this possible. All services listed below, including the establishment of a local branch or subsidiary, are covered by Imbju. This approach also has another crucial advantage for you: you are not burdening existing internal resources. Imbju is your partner for the realization of projects and tasks that require focus in parallel to your existing day-to-day business. Let Imbju take care of:

  • b2c & b2b sales
  • change management
  • communication design
  • strategy planning and implementation
  • the implementation of marketing programs
  • development of potential partners and key accounts

Contemporary collaboration.
Adapted to your needs.
Flexible and scalable.

Industry Experience

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Gain Market Share.

Imbju is based in the Munich area and has more than 20 years of international experience in sales and marketing. Senior management positions in the USA and Europe have shaped Christian Sommerhoff’s profile. If you open up new markets and strive to build long-term, profitable business relationships, you need a good starting point. The choice of location is only one criterion. It all starts with the selection of a capable stakeholder. Imbju gets involved when companies either expand into other geographic regions, go through transition processes, or need additional resources in marketing and sales. Working together means keeping unforeseen risks within limits. Secure the implementation of your management agenda in line with your daily business whilst Imbju engages with your existing team. Instead, you access those measures that are consistent and promising.

Stay Flexible. Stay Focused.

Imbju always offers you the flexibility to use a sensible mix of different, necessary actions so that overall success is assured. Everything Christian Sommerhoff does for you is tailored to the implementation of overarching business goals. In practice, this means no restrictions on office hours and international travel. According to your specific requirements, your investment is planned for a certain number of days per month, whereby individual hours are invested according to their effectiveness. The entire working time is documented; there are no costs for vacation or non-wage labor costs. Besides, you define the frequency of reporting, tailored to your internal workflows and processes. As soon as the first goals have been reached, Imbju will help you achieve your next milestones.

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Precise Communication.

Imbju takes care of everything you need to adapt or create communication content and visual design tools. Beyond content and design, Imbju understands and welcomes cultural diversity and acts in a cosmopolitan manner.

Beyond Sales & Marketing.

While the services of a consulting or marketing agency stop at this point, Imbju maximizes the identified potential by also doing a seamless sales job. There are no artificial limits for a successful collaboration.

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